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Think of HLV as ASIB. Think of it, not as bad writing but as brilliant writing. Because, both of those episodes are all about subversion and playing with the audience assumptions. 

What’s the most likely assumption people make when they watch ASIB? That Sherlock is in love with Irene. 

What’s the biggest assumption people make when they watch HLV? That John forgave Mary. 

In both case there is absolutely nothing indicating that those assumptions are true, but the narrative, on the surface, makes you think they are true because it plays with your expectations. If you take a look further, though ,both of those assumptions don’t make sense. 

In ASIB’s case Sherlock never, never seems to return Irene’s interest. He doesn’t flirt back, he doesn’t want to have “dinner” with her (which, as we all know at this point is a metaphor for having sex) he doesn’t even answer her texts. Like, his disinterest couldn’t be more blatant. But there are two things working against the audience seeing Sherlock’s disinterest. 

1). Their expectations. If a beautiful woman shows a romantic interest in the main character therefore the main character must be into her. Even when said main character has said that girlfriends aren’t his idea, even when said main character has literally been beaten and drugged without his consent by said possible romantic interest. People will forget those facts because they have had a lifetime of watching movies and shows where it doesn’t matter the main character and the beautiful woman end up together. Well not this time. 

2.) John. Every time someone equates Sherlock as being in love with Irene in ASIB (except for Mycroft’s little speech at the end, but is he even really speaking about Irene) it’s John. It’s John who asks Mrs Hudson if Sherlock ever had a girlfriend or a boyfriend, it’s John who insinuates that sherlock may be heartbroken although he says himself that “Sherlock does that anyway”, it’s John who assumes that Sherlock not answering Irene’s texts is a way to show his interest (seriously John???). ASIB isn’t about Sherlock falling in love with Irene and heroically saving her at the end, it’s about John pining after Sherlock and seeing Irene as the romantic obstacle she actually isn’t. Cue those gifs. 



(credits to Jadzia)

Now, what about HLV. The main assumption, I guess, is that John forgave Mary when everything except the surface narrative indicates that HE DIDN’T. I’m only going to list a few things because we could go one forever on the subject and it has already been debated at length. 

1.) It’s completely against John’s entire characterization. I once said that Mary being John’s wife and someone he loved wouldn’t make him want to forgive her but would only make the betrayal worse because she knows what he went through when Sherlock first died, she had his trust and she was willing to literally destroy John again by killing Sherlock. John wouldn’t be inclined to forgive that. As a matter of fact John wouldn’t be inclined to forgive anyone who hurt Sherlock LET ALONE SHOOT HIM. 

2.) Having a forgiveness scene where the words “I forgive you” are never uttered especially when you have an other forgiveness scene in the same season where the words “I forgive you” ARE uttered. Knowing how much those writers love their parallels do you think it’s a coincidence? Not at all. 

3.) The narrative deliberately reminding us AFTER Mary was supposedly “forgiven” that she’s a terrible person by having Magnussen say she’s “a bad girl” and “wicked”. Everybody thinks that Magnussen is vile, once again, it’s absolutely deliberate to make this character who we’ve seen licking someone’s face against their will and using his power in despicable ways  literally saying out loud that Mary is worse than him. You’re not supposed to think that Mary is a person who made bad choices and is trying to repent. At least not if you’re willing to go further than the surface reading. You’re supposed to think that Mary is a villain and is probably going to be set as the main antagonist in s4. 

Why do people think that Mary is forgiven? Mainly for the same reason that they think Sherlock is in love with Irene. They buy the apparent narrative and don’t go further. 

Sherlock as a show, plays with expectations all the time, the expectations about canon, the expectations about conventional tropes, the heteronormative assumptions. 

And in ASIB and HLV it isn’t different. It’s not “bad writing”. It’s brilliant writing. Both of those episodes are playing with expectations, subverting them and showing you that you have to look further. That your expectations are not what’s actually going on here. So look further. 

Well that was a bit longer than initially intended.

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This should be posted in school hallways.

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what have you done to my cat, you monster

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Our duty must be to one another…before anything or anyone.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I saw your donation drive on AO3, and I'm wondering what the money is for, exactly? $70,000 seems like a /lot/ of money. Is there somewhere I can see a list of intended purposes? Thank you!




70,000 USD does seem like a lot, which is why many of our users may be surprised to find out that in 2015, the OTW will need 75,000 USD just to replace old servers and expand capacity! The OTW’s annual budget for 2014 is 221,863.44 USD, and 70% of that goes directly to servers, collation, and staff development for AO3. The remaining 30% of our 2014 budget funds Fanlore, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, and Transformative Works and Cultures; covers administrative costs; allows for outreach and membership development (such as our thank you gifts and shipping); and provides opportunities for professional development and training for personnel. All of these things help the OTW protect and celebrate fans and fan culture.

I find it amazing that people think that’s a lot of money to ask. It’s incredibly expensive to fund such heavily used and non ad supported websites, and that before anyone even gets paid for their work. I am definitely donating what I can to this drive, and I hope if you have a few dollars spare and benefit from Archive of Our Own, or any of their projects you will consider dona ting as well.

We currently have 16365 fandoms, 418361 registered users, and 1330541 works. (x)

And it’s free of advertising, it’s non-commercial, it’s our haven and we can be certain that our fanworks don’t get banned or deleted or censored. AO3 has given a multinational fandom a platform, and, with the OfTW, a voice. So if you can spare a few dollars, do it!

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Jung Type Descriptions: INTJ


loner, more interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family, not very altruistic, not very complimentary, would rather be friendless than jobless, observer, values solitude, perfectionist, detached, private, not much fun, hidden, skeptical, does not tend to like most people, socially uncomfortable, not physically affectionate, unhappy, does not talk about feelings, hard to impress, analytical, likes esoteric things, tends to be pessimistic, not spontaneous, prone to discontentment, guarded, does not think they are weird but others do, responsible, can be insensitive or ambivalent to the misfortunes of others, orderly, clean, organized, familiar with darkside, tends not to value organized religion, suspicious of others, can be lonely, rarely shows anger, punctual, finisher, prepared

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Rape isn’t about uncontrollable sexual desire. You only have to listen in on a Call of Duty game to see that. When that kid crows, “I raped you!”, he’s not calling the other guy sexy; he’s saying he defeated him, dominated him, humiliated him. That’s what rape is about, and that should scare you.

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"When the sun has set, no candle can replace it" - Loras Tyrell.

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this station’s favourite scientist

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Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

That second to last panel is chilling.

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I know exactly where this masterpiece is, it’s right near where I go for physio.